What Do I Write??

For those of you who are familiar with my writing, I do have a heavy focus on inspirational pieces. I want to create something powerful, and that is what I aim to do when writing… remember the first time that you read a book or a poem that you felt, like literally felt, in your heart? I want to do that for someone, because someone has done it for me.  I want to touch someone deep inside and inspire them to view the world from a whole new.

Every writer can do this… you just have to find that something inside yourself that is just waiting to come out and fly free… (Yes it sounds corny but it’s so true). When I do this I find a topic that I am extremely passionate about, something that that sets my soul on fire. When I find something that

When I write from your heart, I have to trust that whatever I create is what I am meant to create, and be okay with it. One of the best things about writing from the heart is conquering fear (which I have to do every single time that I write…). Everyone has some fear when it comes to people reading their writing. But what is so special is that you push through it and come out the end stronger… seriously, I am turning into the hulk by bringing experiences, thoughts, and feelings to life. And I know, then when I write, my inner critic can be absolutely the worst critic out there… so I have to let go of all the negative feelings.

Writing is very cathartic, which I think, is why we get so inspired by other people’s writing. When you read something that is truly inspired you go through the moments of tension and the glorious catharsis associated with the work… that is how writing is brought to life.

Inspired writing can inspire others as well… seriously, it can inspire you to travel, to go on an adventure, it can inspire you to follow your dreams… How many people do you think read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and went and traveled around the world to fulfil their dreams -the answer is more people than you probably thought…

I am inspired greatly by Gilbert, I want my writing to have that profound of an impact… I want to make a difference in the world. But don’t we all? We each have our own gift to make that difference, mine is writing… what is yours?