Welcome to My Blog Post

Today is the day that I finally get to welcome you to my new blog! (Please don’t think less of me, but I’m pretty nervous… and seriously excited). This is something I have talked about doing for a long time, and like everyone ends up doing and some point or another, I kept putting it off. Being a professional writer, I feel like I always have something to write about, my mind is always going (I don’t have an off switch). I wanted to create a space that is about my interests, a space where I can open up about my life, and let people into my word … which in my opinion  is pretty magnificent.

I have always wanted to be a writer, it has just come so natural to me. As a child I would staple together sheets of paper and write, thinking I was creating a novel. My parents would say “Michele, what are you doing? You’re wasting all the paper.” But when they found out about my aspiration to write… this paper wasting became a non-issue. I think its important to use the power of writing to first of all- help yourself, secondly to help others. Through language we can relate to other people’s dreams, experiences, and goals… it’s actually pretty amazing.

What I have learned on my path is that trying to be successful, no matter the job, can be very trying, achieving your goals will always necessitate hard work, resolve and patience. That being said, it makes a huge difference if you have someone you look up to. I have a long list of various types of writers who have been my inspiration, I have had my family and friends who have been my support… and I know that I have been lucky to have these, as not everyone does. I guess I aim to maybe be that person someone can look up to (another aspiring writer or anyone who relates to my experiences), just like I have found in my role models.

This blog will serve to be an expression myself in so many ways, as I have gotten older I have had so many life experiences that have shaped where I am going and what I am doing… these experiences are now a part of me. So I want to welcome you, officially, to my blog. I want to welcome you to become a part of my life by sharing with my experiences and lessons. This is an exciting opportunity, and I’m ready to jump in feet first. Are you ready to jump with me?