What is Your Dream?

Everybody has a dream… the only thing is, some people don’t know what it is. They don’t know what the dream is because it has been buried under responsibilities, social norms, and expectations. If you don’t know your dream, how will you do what you love? Don’t give up… you can dig your dream out from all the ruble of life and social expectations.

How you ask? Well, since there is no magical digger machine to help you clear this rubble… I have some tips to help you dig it out with your own bare hands… and it’s really worth it.

Let’s start with something easy…. What is something you do with your spare time?Do you make websites or blogs, collect comic books or pogs, are you a history buff, a writer, a cook… what do you do?Go through your list of hobbies and make a list of the ones you love…

What are your talents? We all have a talent… you may be an expert at finding your way around an unfamiliar town, pick up languages quickly, play an instrument, can balance a spoon on your nose… everyone has something… what is your gift?Write these down on a list.

What is your work social style? Do you like working in a small intimate group, do you like to work in a big busy atmosphere, or are you a lone wolf? Is your social environment at work making you happy? If not what would you came and why?

What is your preferred physical work style? Do you like standing, or sitting behind a desk. Do you like building things, or demolishing things? Do you like hiking or traveling for work? Think about these and write down what it is you like.

What are the happiest moments of your life? Think about it. When you were a child, a teenager, a young adult… go through the phases of you and pick out the happiest times. Was it being on your grandparent’s ranch and feeding cattle? Was it fishing on the ocean? Was it working at Booster Juice in high school or being in musical theatres. Was it putting on family dinners, or helping your family set up for a big wedding? Write these things down!

Finally, go through your lists and create an idea map. Use this map to chart out the things that make you the happiest, and what you can do to do these things. If something in there really inspires you you’ve found it. If not… try to experiment with the things on your list and try to find your bliss… it may take patience and dedication… but it is worth it.