Welcome to My Blog Post

Today is the day that I finally get to welcome you to my new blog! (Please don’t think less of me, but I’m pretty nervous… and seriously excited). This is something I have talked about doing for a long time, and like everyone ends up doing and some point or another, I kept putting it off. Being a professional writer, I feel like I always have something to write about, my mind is always going (I don’t have an off switch). I wanted to create a space that is about my interests, a space where I can open up about my life, and let people into my word … which in my opinion  is pretty magnificent.

I have always wanted to be a writer, it has just come so natural to me. As a child I would staple together sheets of paper and write, thinking I was creating a novel. My parents would say “Michele, what are you doing? You’re wasting all the paper.” But when they found out about my aspiration to write… this paper wasting became a non-issue. I think its important to use the power of writing to first of all- help yourself, secondly to help others. Through language we can relate to other people’s dreams, experiences, and goals… it’s actually pretty amazing.

What I have learned on my path is that trying to be successful, no matter the job, can be very trying, achieving your goals will always necessitate hard work, resolve and patience. That being said, it makes a huge difference if you have someone you look up to. I have a long list of various types of writers who have been my inspiration, I have had my family and friends who have been my support… and I know that I have been lucky to have these, as not everyone does. I guess I aim to maybe be that person someone can look up to (another aspiring writer or anyone who relates to my experiences), just like I have found in my role models.

This blog will serve to be an expression myself in so many ways, as I have gotten older I have had so many life experiences that have shaped where I am going and what I am doing… these experiences are now a part of me. So I want to welcome you, officially, to my blog. I want to welcome you to become a part of my life by sharing with my experiences and lessons. This is an exciting opportunity, and I’m ready to jump in feet first. Are you ready to jump with me?

Encinitas, California (AKA, Home Sweet Home)

For those of you who have followed some of my other work, you may know that I love my city…. For those of you who are new with me, my name is Michele and I am a writer living in Encinitas and honestly, there is nowhere else that I would rather be.

For those of you unfamiliar with my Encinitas or those who have never been… this is especially for you.

Encinitas is Located along the Pacific coastline in northern San Diego County, and is distinguished by its beautiful coastal beaches, rugged cliffs, flat-topped coastal areas, steep bluffs and rolling hills. Our city is known for is known for its flower growers, we are straight up the  Flower Growing Capital… and San Diego Botanical Gardens is a lovely sanctuary to visit with an “Amazon Rainforest” and the largest display of bamboo in the world.

I love our Downtown 101 coastal shopping district (if you like shoes as much as I do… you would love it too), with its historic architecture, full of charming shops, cafes, and restaurants.

If you love beaches, ours are unbelievable. The beaches in Encinitas are outstanding. We have several; stretches of beach between Cardiff-by-the-Sea and La Costa. If you like to stretch out on the beach… we have the perfect beach for you, and our surfing is matchless, if you prefer to watch you can come check out on of our many surf contests held throughout the year. If you are a nature lover you can hike our cliffs or check out the incredible San Elijo Lagoon Reserve which is the largest coastal wetland in San Diego County. This city is naturally absolutely beautiful, stunning communities, and yearlong awesome weather with temperatures between 40 and 85 degrees.

There are so many events throughout the year in this city! Seriously, something for everyone. On the third Thursday of every month from June through September, we have Classic Car Nights. You can heck out vintage hot rods, and other classic cars while bands perform 50’s and 60’s music (heck yes these nights are fun!). We have a yearly Encinitas April Street Fair which is free, and family friendly. The Encinitas Fall Festival is a street fair with live entertainment, children’s rides, food and shopping for arts & crafts, antiques, clothing and items from around the world.

Got to love Encinitas and the local people are great, I have a really good friend, who we call Stinky Steve as he works for the local pest control people.

Admit it, you definitely want to come pay a visit to Encinitas, I mean, who wouldn’t. There is so much to do and see… (And eat for you foodies out there…). Like I said, wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world.

What Do I Write??

For those of you who are familiar with my writing, I do have a heavy focus on inspirational pieces. I want to create something powerful, and that is what I aim to do when writing… remember the first time that you read a book or a poem that you felt, like literally felt, in your heart? I want to do that for someone, because someone has done it for me.  I want to touch someone deep inside and inspire them to view the world from a whole new.

Every writer can do this… you just have to find that something inside yourself that is just waiting to come out and fly free… (Yes it sounds corny but it’s so true). When I do this I find a topic that I am extremely passionate about, something that that sets my soul on fire. When I find something that

When I write from your heart, I have to trust that whatever I create is what I am meant to create, and be okay with it. One of the best things about writing from the heart is conquering fear (which I have to do every single time that I write…). Everyone has some fear when it comes to people reading their writing. But what is so special is that you push through it and come out the end stronger… seriously, I am turning into the hulk by bringing experiences, thoughts, and feelings to life. And I know, then when I write, my inner critic can be absolutely the worst critic out there… so I have to let go of all the negative feelings.

Writing is very cathartic, which I think, is why we get so inspired by other people’s writing. When you read something that is truly inspired you go through the moments of tension and the glorious catharsis associated with the work… that is how writing is brought to life.

Inspired writing can inspire others as well… seriously, it can inspire you to travel, to go on an adventure, it can inspire you to follow your dreams… How many people do you think read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and went and traveled around the world to fulfil their dreams -the answer is more people than you probably thought…

I am inspired greatly by Gilbert, I want my writing to have that profound of an impact… I want to make a difference in the world. But don’t we all? We each have our own gift to make that difference, mine is writing… what is yours?

You Deserve Better

Women and men alike can be in toxic relationships. This can be with a significant other (S.O), a friend, a family member, a colleague or a boss. For those of you who are in some sort of unhealthy relationship… there is one thing you need to know… you deserve better:

You deserve better than being with a person who doesn’t value you as much as they value themselves. All relationships are two way streets, they are supposed to have fairly equal power dynamics… while a boss or an elder family member may have a more revered role, you both deserve the same respect, the same treatment… if that is not the way it is working than its not a real relationship at all…

You deserve better than down talk… that’s right, I’m telling you that you should be treating yourself with love and respect. Talking S**t to yourself is not okay, it’s abusive and you deserve better than that! Practice loving yourself.

You deserve better than chasing someone or fighting for their attention. All that running and fighting has got to be exhausting… if they can’t turn around and see you for all the amazing things you are than they don’t deserve to be your S.O, your friend, or in a relationship with you period… Ice it!

You deserve better than excuses.  No one likes a lot of hot air, so stop allowing it in your life. Excuses are like rear ends… everyone has one…

You deserve better than waiting around for someone. Im not talking about… you made plans and someone is coming to get you and they were caught in traffic so they are late. I am saying, don’t wait for someone to make up their mind about you… we only live once, so why waste that time waiting for someone? We don’t need mind games, so if someone is leading you on, humming and haw-ing  about what they think about you… do you really need them? It’s as simple as this… they choose you or they lose you!

You deserve better than going back to a wrong relationship. A lot of relationships end for very good reasons, but breaking up grief is similar to grieving a death (whether we are talking about an S.O, a friendship, or even cutting ties with a family member). This is why when it gets to some of the most painful points people get back together when they maybe shouldn’t. Trust yourself, and analyse the situation before jumping into something that will hurt you again.

You deserve better than repeated rejection… I really hope I don’t need to go into this any further…

You deserve better than being treated with disrespect. You deserve respect, you deserve to be treated with such… this means you don’t deserve to be objectified, or used.

You deserve better than abuse, cheating, or lies.  Abuse can be physical, verbal, mental, emotional, sexual… you don’t deserve ANY of it. You don’t deserve being cheated on, lied to, or manipulated… this all can cause so much harm to the heart and soul. It’s good to trust your instincts… especially if you are seeing red flags. I know that this is so hard to let go of any relationship, even an unhealthy one, but  excuses you make are like quick sand… they make it harder to get out… the sooner you grab a vine and pull yourself out the better you will be.

You deserve to be happy…

What is Your Dream?

Everybody has a dream… the only thing is, some people don’t know what it is. They don’t know what the dream is because it has been buried under responsibilities, social norms, and expectations. If you don’t know your dream, how will you do what you love? Don’t give up… you can dig your dream out from all the ruble of life and social expectations.

How you ask? Well, since there is no magical digger machine to help you clear this rubble… I have some tips to help you dig it out with your own bare hands… and it’s really worth it.

Let’s start with something easy…. What is something you do with your spare time?Do you make websites or blogs, collect comic books or pogs, are you a history buff, a writer, a cook… what do you do?Go through your list of hobbies and make a list of the ones you love…

What are your talents? We all have a talent… you may be an expert at finding your way around an unfamiliar town, pick up languages quickly, play an instrument, can balance a spoon on your nose… everyone has something… what is your gift?Write these down on a list.

What is your work social style? Do you like working in a small intimate group, do you like to work in a big busy atmosphere, or are you a lone wolf? Is your social environment at work making you happy? If not what would you came and why?

What is your preferred physical work style? Do you like standing, or sitting behind a desk. Do you like building things, or demolishing things? Do you like hiking or traveling for work? Think about these and write down what it is you like.

What are the happiest moments of your life? Think about it. When you were a child, a teenager, a young adult… go through the phases of you and pick out the happiest times. Was it being on your grandparent’s ranch and feeding cattle? Was it fishing on the ocean? Was it working at Booster Juice in high school or being in musical theatres. Was it putting on family dinners, or helping your family set up for a big wedding? Write these things down!

Finally, go through your lists and create an idea map. Use this map to chart out the things that make you the happiest, and what you can do to do these things. If something in there really inspires you you’ve found it. If not… try to experiment with the things on your list and try to find your bliss… it may take patience and dedication… but it is worth it.

The Sky is the Limit – Always Believe that You Can Do Anything

There is nothing more common than being told you can’t do something. This is something we all hear in school and maybe earlier in life. While it is common, this doesn’t make it true. We are all capable of doing amazing things when we choose to and when we decide that we can. What was the last thing that someone told you that you couldn’t do? What happened after they told you that?


A negative approach to anything is never a good start. If you expect something to fail, then odds are that it will. When you are sure that something is going to go badly, you may overlook the adjustments that would allow it to succeed. The same applies to other people who tell you that you can’t do something. They have decided that it is beyond them to accomplish that task so why would you be able to do it? The simple answer is that you can do it because you believe you can.

Positive Thinking

When you approach a problem with a positive attitude you are more likely to find a solution. Being optimistic about the situation has a number of benefits. You are more energetic which means you pursue potential solutions more thoroughly without becoming discouraged or annoyed. You are also able to see a variety of solutions and choose the one that seems the most likely to succeed. When you are enthusiastic about a project, you can see it from angles that might be overlooked by others. Someone that hates the task is not likely to look beyond the simplest solution which may or may not solve the problem entirely.

Availability of Information

There was a time when it was hard to get information and training. That is no longer true, as almost anything can be found online now. The access to information can no longer restrict your ability to do something. No matter what you want to do, there is a way to learn what you need and get it done. While college and other formal training may be financially difficult to attain, it is possible to learn many of these things on your own with a little internet research. While learning this way won’t end in a certification or other formal document, you would still know the information and procedures. This understanding can help you get the job you want or finish the project you are working on. Nothing is out of reach when information is widely available.

Societal Issues

While personal handicaps such as education can be overcome with the availability of information, societal restrictions that once limited the availability of certain jobs are mostly gone today. Positions in the workforce are rarely limited to a single gender and never to a particular race. Society has moved away from isolating genders and forcing them into certain roles. Women can be mothers and CEO’s while men can be stay-at-home Dads or corporate leaders. Nothing is restricted.

Work Through the Hard Times

When things start to slip or stop working well, find a new way to approach the problem. Sometimes you need to step away from the problem for a little while, to attain a new perspective. There is always a solution; you just have to be calm enough to see it. No matter what, do not panic and don’t listen to anyone who says something is impossible. If you keep working, you will find a solution. There is always more than one way to solve a problem, if the plan you were working with has fallen through, take a breath and find the next solution.

There is nothing that is impossible. If someone tells you that you can’t do something or that it is impossible to solve something, they just haven’t looked at it right. Everything has a solution and everything can be done, some tasks just require a certain outlook and willingness to think outside the normal parameters. With the availability of information and resources today, everything is possible. Information is everywhere, besides this, materials that were once only available to large manufacturers can be purchased by individuals. Nothing is impossible today! No matter what the problem is, a solution can be found and you can get it done. You just need to be willing to try and to work hard to find the solutions that you need.

Road Trip!!!

My home is in one of the most beautiful cities in California. We are located directly by the beach. We are only twenty five miles from San Diego which makes this a perfect place to live. I wanted to start a blog because I just took an awesome road trip to Santa Barbara which is about 200 miles away. I met up with my good friend Cassandra Vetchworth who is also a writer. I was so excited to see her as I haven’t seen her since school. We were literally inseparable all doing school. Being able to see her for the first time in such a long time was so awesome.

I probably overly prepared for my trip. I sat down and made a list, because I love making lists. I packed three of everything on that list. I know that’s a little over the top, but who knows what kind of crazy adventures two girls who haven’t seen each other in a while can go on? My trip was a lot of fun. As quickly as I wanted to get there I also wanted to take in all the views along the way. I saw so much beautiful countryside that I was definitely inspired to stop and write down some thoughts. I like to keep a journal of all my thoughts so when I have terrible writer’s block I can look at those thoughts and build a story from them. It has been highly effective in curing my writer’s block every time.

When I arrived in Santa Barbara I was so excited. I could barely hold all my excitement in. When I pulled up to Cassandra’s home it was absolutely stunning. I could definitely tell by how beautiful it was that she has definitely become a very successful writer. She was so excited to show me to her room and tell me everything that she had planned for us. She told me that she had schedule a tour with Grapeline Tours so we could get a little tipsy. I found that funny because we always used to go to wine tastings and it was kind of like our hobby. She showed me to my room and it was so beautiful. She had a full California king bed that I knew I wasn’t going to want to leave when it was time to go home.
When I woke up the next day Cassandra was excited and helped me pick out a nice outfit to wear on our wine tour. We went with the company Grapeline Tours and it was very professional and fun. Our tour guide Christopher was very nice and one of the most knowledgeable tour guides that I have ever met. We visited four wineries and everyone seemed better than the next. Our favourite by far was Bridlewood. It was so peaceful and the wine had such a great taste that I bought way too many bottles to bring home with me. I decided to use the excuse of giving them as gifts to my friends, but really I am going to keep “most” of them for myself. We also were able to visit a place to sample olive oils. I really love infused olive oils so this was just an exceptional added bonus for me.

After our wine tour was over we went to Opal Restaurant and Bar. I think we were a little excited because we ordered three appetisers, the black-pepper crusted ahi tuna that was seared rare and served with an amazing salad, fresh crab cakes that were absolutely delicious and came with mango salsa, and a lovely butter lettuce with Gorgonzola. Those appetisers were so amazing that I couldn’t even imagine how wonderful the main course would be. I got the homemade tomato linguine with shrimp. I loved it. However, the appetisers were definitely my favourite.

When we got home we opened a bottle of wine and shared stories of our writing struggles and successes. We played a game of Scrabble just like we did in our school days and talked excitedly about the activities we could do the next day. Cassandra decided that I should visit Lotusland. She said there had been many times in her life when she was struggling to meet deadlines that she would visit Lotusland and feel completely relaxed and free. I told her I could definitely enjoy a place like that so we decided that we would visit and then just roam around Santa Barbara and have a good time.

Lotusland ended up being one of the most amazing places I have ever visited in my entire life. I loved the story of how the grounds were cultivated by a lady by the named of Madame Ganna Walska. She spent over forty years cultivating a garden of exotic plants that today people like us can enjoy. She was a brilliant writer and they said she wrote that she was an enemy of the average. I love that phrase. Many writers have to be an enemy of the average to get ahead in life. I saw some of the most amazing cacti, bromeliads, water lilies, and ferns that I have ever seen. It definitely was something that I could think of when writing.

We spent the rest of our time visiting the city and Cassandra showing me all her favourite books shops. She took me to a very unique book store called the Book Den. I purchased several unique books there that I will definitely treasure after this visit. We finished our visit with a wonderful meal at bouchon. I had venison medallions that were beyond exquisite. She had wagyu which I tasted and think I will be ordering in the future. I was sad to leave, we still got on just like old times of course. I do wish we lived closer to each other. However, I think after she comes to visit me that I am going to go right back to visit her. There is so much more of Santa Barbara to explore.

Dream Big And Stick With Them No Matter What

Dreams are an important part of life. They allow us to hold on to things that are important to us, while also reminding us what we are working towards. Our dreams also reflect a bit about our personality and what we are hoping for. Not only are individual dreams vital but the dreams of a generation can show the direction of a society and what hopes people hold dear.


Our hopes and dreams develop as we do. The more we learn about our lives and society, the more detailed and complex our dreams become. When we are young, we dream in big terms, what we want to do when we grow up, where we want to go, and other broad concepts. As we grow and begin working and pursuing more complicated work and personal goals, our dreams develop as well. Instead of dreaming of a particular job, we dream of being able to do something particular like helping at a shelter or solve the energy crisis. We also dream of things and places that we want to see but as we grow, the reasons that we want to visit these places become just as important as the places themselves.

Identifying our Dreams

What is it that you dream about? Are most of your dreams about your work or about your family, hobbies or traveling? Our dreams can help us identify our goals and what will make us feel happy and fulfilled in our lives. Do you dream of having kids, a house or of being a CEO in your company? Maybe you dream of all of these things! By understanding what we dream and hope for, we are better able to make decisions that will make us happy with our life.

Our dreams can also help us adjust our focus if we have become distracted from what is truly important to us. If you dream of having children, it is important that you take time out for your spouse and that you maintain a strong relationship and build a household that the children can thrive in. If your dreams are work related, it is important to work hard and work to improve your training and skills so that you are prepared to move up the ladder at work. If you have big dreams involving both work and family, it is important that you think through the implications of both. This will help you see the plans that will allow you to fulfil all of your dreams and will help you work towards them. Everything is possible with a little planning.

Following our Dreams

Never let someone tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Move towards your goan, one hurdle at a time. Dreams about daily life and travel are only restricted by our ability to work towards them. We can choose to make changes that will move our daily life towards our goals. We can also make plans and save, to allow us to reach our dreams of travelling or exploring. No matter what the dream is, there is a way to plan and prepare for it.

Hold on to your Dreams

No matter what your dream is, you have to hold on to it. Even if it becomes something that you can do as a hobby outside of your typical work, your dream is important. Our dreams reflect our passions and goals. When you pursue things you are passionate about, every aspect of your life will be improved. You will be focused on finding resources and time for your passion and maybe work towards making it a source of income so you can work on it all of the time.

Even when we have not reached our dreams, they help us work through the trials of each day. When you can look at your work or accomplishments for the day and see that whatever you struggled with has helped you move towards your goal, it encourages you to continue. Each step moves us closer to holding our dreams.

Dreams are important for everyone. Never let someone tell you that your dream is impossible. If you think about your dreams in a reasonable way, you can establish a way to reach it. This might involve working towards a particular job or saving for a certain trip. It all depends on the specifics of your dreams. Regardless of what your dreams are, identifying them and working towards them makes each day easier to face. Every trial becomes a challenge that we can face and overcome in pursuit of our dreams.